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Harry Larkins is a Shihan. It is an advanced professor's rank and licensure. At that rank, one is considered at the Master level of study, and in the Jaindochin tradition that is continually evolving, he is permitted to wear the extra wide white belt and the white uniform (keikogi) clearly stands out during the practice sessions that he is a highly honored and respected master of jujitsu. Harry Larkins is recognized as one of the early teachers of the Hanshi

Present Ranks

Ranks are registered by the following national organizations:
  1. The U.S. Judo, Inc. (U.S.J.I.)
  2. The U.S. Judo, Association (U.S.J.A.)
  3. The U.S. Martial Arts (U.S.M.A.)
  4. The American Judo and Jujitsu Federation



  1. Ranked as Shihandan and certified as Master Teacher (professor of the highest level of education - Colleges and Universities) by the founder and Grand Master of Jaindochin Jujitsu, David Cox, M.D. (Hanshi 2001)
  2. Rank certified by the International Judo Federation (1985)
  3. Certification of Life membership of the U. S. Martial Arts Association (1997)
  4. Rank of Judan certified by the U.S. Martial Arts Association (2000)
  5. Rank of Rokudan is certified in jujitsu by U.S.J.A. Jujitsu Div. (1995)
  6. Rank of Rokudan is certified in judo by U.S.J.A.
  7. Certification of Senior Rank Examiner for Judo (1995)
  8. Certification of Senior Rank Examiner for Jujitsu U.S.J.A (1995)
  9. Kodakan diploma (1978)
  10. U.S.J.A. Kata Certification in Itautsu - No - Kata instructor (1999).
  11. U.S.J.A. certification of Bronze Patron Life Member (1999)
  12. U.S.J.A. certification of Rokudan rank in Judo (1995)
  13. U.S.J.A. teachers certification in Judo (1974 and 1975)
  14. Certified Coach Certificate by the American Coaching Effectiveness Program (ACEP) level I (1990)
  15. U.S.J.A. certification of Certified Referee (1976)
  16. U.S.J.A. certification of Certified Coach ( 1985-1988, 1993-1995)
  17. Certificate of Coaching Merit (1999)
  18. Many certificates of particapation and/or appreciation for services at U.S.J.I. national and international events