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The patch has special meaning to those in Jaindochin. When we look at the patch it represents the force continuum that is taught in Jaindochin. At the beginning of a confrontation we will attempt to use our empty hands. If the level of force on the continuum dictates, we will proceed to the stick and knife and finally the gun to overcome our adversaries. This representation of force makes it clear that we are not a "sport" but a system that is designed to produce well rounded fighters and that we will respond only with the appropriate amount of force to control the situation. All of the above levels are taught in combination , for example the empty hand techniques are used in combination with the gun at close ranges for both offense and defense.

The hands are the outline of Hanshi's daughter's (a Second Degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do and Jaindochin Jujitsu) hands when she was 14 years old. Where the hands come together, a triangle is formed that is a single building block element from the platforms of Silat Sera; so essential for footwork central to some of the concepts of Jaindochin. The splayed fingers not only represent the openness of the system that embraces principles and concepts from multiple fighting systems but they also form multiple triangles to indicate that the entire fighting arena is built on angles. The hands are in this position of when bowing from seiza. The two hands join at the centerline to indicate that all elements of the art come together for protection and attention of the practitioners. Additionally, the two hands form an upside down heart; that which requires the need for a martial art in society and that we continue to strive to turn right side up.

The position of the stick is in the center of the logo to indicate the concept of centerline. The two ends of the stick indicate the fighting nature of Jaindochin to simultaneously attack both high and low. The stick segments demonstrate that multiple targets are fair game.

The Japanese writing on the right hand side of the patch means Jaindochin Jujitsu. It is read from top to bottom and represents the influence that Eastern martial arts and customs have had on our art. The word Jaindochin across the top represents the Western customs and arts incorporated into Jaindochin Jujitsu.